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Lecture 1 - Why you need a website.

A website is the most important things about your company, organization or any other business. without a website, you are not legit. A website is a part and parcel things of your company. It works as a Trade License of your business.

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Why you need a website?

Search engine optimization (SEO) drives users (traffic) to the most important pages on your website. The concept is simple, comparable to how somebody would use Yellow Pages to discover an electrician, somebody using an internet search engine to locate the services or products which you sell is very likely to be on the marketplace for those products or services. What're your 5 most rewarding keyphrases? What're your top squeeze pages? Which pages have the highest bounce rate? Web data analysis plays a decisive role in SEO. It allows you to see where people are coming from, which conditions they searched to find your website, which pages they land on and if they hang or immediately hit the back button.

Analytics gives you the advertising intelligence, based upon what works and what does not, to make educated Search engine optimization decisions. The Search engine optimization process becomes then feedback somewhat like a feedback loop, improving more and better with each iteration. However many companies fail to take benefit of web analytics, whether that is through time restraints, or they cannot be bothered, or feel it is out with their technical skills. By boosting the visibility and targeting of your web site, you'll increase your market share, increase brand awareness and extend product achieve, all of that's a beneficial effect on the bottom line.

It's comparatively simple to publish an internet website, with the Current Content Management Systems there's a requirement to gain a working hardly any requirement to gain a working understanding of HTML. The potential audience is staggering, but which doesn't change the need to understand your audience. By understanding how people interact with your site you might help them reach their goals quicker and easier. In case your website works the way they do, the user experience will significantly raise and users will return time and time again. According to IBM, each $1 invested in making you.

According to IBM, each $1 invested in making your goals? If they're, there's little chance that you'll achieve yours. According to IBM, each $1 invested in making your web site the technology is technology. Increase accessibility is also important to comprehend the technology is the technology that's utilized to access your webpages. Web analytics will let you see which individuals will be capable to see your pages. Web analytics will let you see which browsers, screen resolutions, OS and more.

So to sell your products, a website is must things of your business. Every company needs a site. So, learn web developing and build a smart career.
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