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Lecture 3 - Web Design: Color Theory

There are 16 millions of colors to choose for web designing. And combining these colors, it reaches to infinity.
Color wheel: Color wheel is a powerful tool to visualize color combinations easily.

color wheel
Color Wheel

There are Three types of colors.
  1. Primary Color - Red, Yellow and Blue.
  2. Secondary Color - Green, Orange, Purple. (Mixing of two Primary Color).
  3. Tertiary Color - Mixing of Primary and Secondary color.

color table
Cool Colors for Designers

Background Color: I personally like to create pages with a very distinct foreground/background appearance. Most of the time I use HTML tables in the foreground and apply different colors to the foreground table and main page body to make a clear separation of dimensions.
I use my external CSS to control the body and foreground, or I use traditional HTML to control both. This is a matter of personal preference.
The main point is that Web pages look much better when they contain
distinct background and foreground areas.

HOT Tips and Tricks!!

I will show you some way of color choices that you haven't seen anywhere. Here is a cool website named Canva which will help you to create awesome things on the web.

You should go to Canva Color Generator and find the cool color combinations.

canva color generator
Canva Color Palettes
Here are some cool color combination table for web designers to look your site more professionals.

Manipulating Your Font Color: You can add color= to your FONT tags, or you can use style="color: ;" to adjust
the color of your text. You can use literal commands like “white”, “red”, etc. or you
can use one of two alphanumeric systems to define your chosen colors. Below is
a chart of the true color system, which is the color-coding system I prefer.

html color codes
HTML Color Codes
The color-codes above can be applied not only to fonts, but also to background
colors, table cell colors, and table borders. Use this easy reference when building
your pages from here forward.

At the end of the discussion, I can say that do not use too many colors in your design. Carefully pic the colors. Combination of Four of Five is enough. Choose the colors from the above tables.
Hope these tips will help you to design you cool awesome web pages. Thanks for reading this article.


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