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Saint Martin Island Travel Guide

Saint Martin Island is a small island only 8 km^2 situated in the northeastern part of Bay of Bengal.

I visited there from Dhaka to Teknaf by Non-AC Bus, costs around BDT 700-800.
Then reserved a troller (13 people) costs 12000 to 15000 BDT.
But a Ship is recommended for safety. It will cost BDT 800/ per person.
But if you love adventure, the troller will be the best choice.

Greenline Ship

The resort/ hotel cost is BDT 2000-4000 per night. The resorts are safe and decent.

The foods are very cheap in this small island.
Rupchada fish

You will cost (overall) BDT 10000 to 12000 / person for a 3 day (2 night) trip.
The best place to travel at a cheap rate.
The Blue "chera dip".

Sunrise moment at beach.

Visit and make a memorable journey of your life.

Thanks for reading my blog. Have a safe journey.

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