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Some Blogging Ideas That Are Guaranteed to Be Popular Topics

How To Become Blogger

The word blogger appears in the lexicon more. We use it in various ways and in totally different spheres. Here, we'll talk about who these individuals are and how becoming a blogger to earn good money. Therefore, a blogger is an individual who keeps a blog. He can shoot on writers videos, write articles or do pursuits that are alternative. Don't confuse bloggers. The first, unlike the latter, do explain an event in their work but convey their opinion. 

What does the blogger do? The most alternative for personalities is to compose their own articles that are very. These texts should describe an event or occurrence, but also the attitude of the writer himself as I mentioned above. This might be a prediction for the future, a first conclusion, review, advice, etc. Generally, bloggers express their approach to laws, political parties or events that are important within the nation and the world and work in the sphere. A place that is civic and simple aspiration are not enough to write articles. To describe the position and convey your opinion superbly and concisely, in order to not violate the reader these are important qualities of a blogger copywriter. 
The 2nd option is to shoot your very own videos. They can be placed by you and untwist it. A vital point: if you want becoming a blogger, then you must show yourself. The reality is that if a business advertises its brand the blogger advertises himself. Another option for a blogger are comments or entries on the forums. This is appropriate for all those that like to simply express their approach to a certain phenomenon, as opposed to write an entire article.


Here are the Top 10 Blogging ideas:

1. How To Guides (trending for all Times)

Basically, "How to" means the tutorial type article. All people don't know everything. So You can teach people what you know or what you interested about via online. There are a lot of platforms that you can create easily your website and start teaching.
The sites are totally free to join and after joining you will start earning money.
Blogger is free. You don't need any domain or hosting to create your own website. You can start with a subdomain and connect your AdSense account with the subdomain site and start earning.
You can teach "how to write an article",  "how to create a youtube brand account" or "how to cook beef curry" or "how to build a website".
2. Politics (be updated)

Political News is very popular and important topics for everyone. You need to publish the news every day. Even twice or thrice or many times a day. This is a very hard working niche but very profitable. You need to be updated and active 24 hours online.

3. Traveling (e.g. How to Travel cheaply in Thailand)

All people love traveling. If you love so, you can share your experiences by writing and earn some extra cash. You can help people like - "hot to travel cheaply" or "Thailand bar money trap", "travel hacks: how to pack travel bag" etc.

4. Recipes (all time favorite)

If you are a housewife, this is the perfect niche for you. You can cook delicious foods and you can share how to make them.
You can add pictures by yourself or you can download the pictures from the internet. Just cook and write and earn some cash.

5. Beginner's guides (e.g how to play Bass guitar or How to become a YouTuber)

The beginner's guide is the part of "How to" niches. You can write about your skills for beginner level audience.

6. Ultimate guides (e.g. Freelancing like Affiliate marketing)

If you are an expert online genius, this niche is for you. You can write about your working experiences and tips and tricks and make somemone besied your main work.

7. Frequently asked questions (e.g. Solution of Mobile and PC problems)

There is a website named Quora.  Millions of people visit there just to find answers of some questions. You can build your blog based on Questions and Answers.

8. Interviews (e.g. Donald Trumps Opinion)

Interview is one of the trending topics of blogging. You can grab some latest opinion of celebrities world-famous personalities. Or you can take interviews of your successful Blogger, Businessman or Youtuber friend's.

9. Personal stories (it's up to You)

If you are creative, if you can write decently, this niche is perfect for you. You can write your fairytales through blogging and make money online.

10. Charity and activism ( if you are a social worker and volunteer, let's starts)

If you are a social worker, you can write your social activities on your blog. You can add plenty of pictures and information about your organization. So you can earn money by blogging and even you can find some cool donators through your blog.

This Picture was Drawn by an Underprivileged Child

Thanks. Hope this will help you a lot. If you have any question, feel free to comment below.

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