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The 555 Timer IC practical Example with Circuit Diagram and Video Demonstration

A Practical Example of 555 Timer IC with Circuit Diagram and Video Demonstration

The 555 timer IC is an integrated circuit. It is used as a timer, pulse generation, and oscillator applications. It can be used as a time delay, as well as an oscillator, and as a flip-flop element.

Here is a short 555 Timer Project demonstration.

  • A 9 Volt battery,
  • A 555 Time IC (NE555),
  • Three 1K ohm resistor and a 10k ohm resistor,
  • A 10 uF cylinder and a 0.01 uF ceramic capacitor,
  • Two LED (Green and Red or any different colors),
  • A breadboard and
  • Wires.
Here is the Circuit Diagram-
Remember: Pin 2 and 6 are short.

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Thanks for reading. Hope this article will help the beginners. Never Stop Learning.

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