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Advantage and Disadvantage of Solar Energy 2019

Solar energy becomes very popular in the 21st century. We know that solar energy is very environmentally friendly but it has some disadvantages too. So, here we have discussed some advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.

solar panel
Solar Panel

Solar energy can be for energy, central heating, warm water, cooking, for generating the salt and even for desalination. Solar energy comes from the sun's beams.

Solar energy is known to be environmentally friendly. But when the sun's rays enter the planet's atmosphere it's quite dilute. Let us start with the principal advantage of solar energy. Solar energy is clean. To produce heat or energy with solar energy you only need the sun's rays. There's absolutely no requirement to use fossil fuel coupled with sunlight rays to produce heat or energy. You simply need a solar energy collector or power panels so as to collect solar energy.

Solar energy is less expensive than heating. That's another huge advantage of solar energy. By simply using solar energy you can spare a great deal of cash on heaters. If you reside in an area where there isn't any power lines energy may be the solution. There are areas where power companies don't have any way to get your home. Solar energy is a great option because it offers you with anything from heating, power, and cooking. Another excellent use of solar energy is for desalination in areas where fresh, drinkable water is scarce. Solar energy evaporates the brine and leaves the salt at the bottom of the basin.

The water subsequently condenses back into another basin where it's drinkable. The main disadvantage of solar energy is the fact that it's diluted. This means you've to get a great deal of solar collectors installed around your residence. Solar energy can be quite economical, but solar collectors are relatively expensive and require maintenance so as to work correctly and efficiently. If you choose to use the energy you need to figure the ROI so as to know whether the investment will be well worth it. One major disadvantage is that you will need the sun's rays to use solar energy.

solar bulb

If you're located in a part of this beautiful planet where there isn't much sunlight then this might be an issue. In other areas, the sun's rays are nearly always covered which makes solar energy collectors less effective. You should know if the sun in your area is abundant for the large part of the year. Obviously, if you reside in desert areas like in Arizona or Mexico the sun produces many suns for the large part of the season and can be ideal for solar energy collecting. Finally, the sun only shines throughout the daytime. Consequently, if you need power or warm water through the night like a lot of folks do, it may be an issue. You are going to need a system like the older utility grid or you'll have to store the power for later use. There are battery systems that may store solar energy for later use.

If you are determining using solar energy, you must read this article first, so that you make a balanced decision.

Thanks for reading. Hope, this information will be very helpful for you.

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