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What is MATLAB used for? Uses Of Matlab in Real life. Intro to Matlab Environment.

What is MATLAB?

  • Matlab is a tool and programming the environment used in computational science but also in other areas.
  • A simple environment to quickly test ideas and to study the results
  • Also available in other tools, such as Freemat, Maple, Mathematica, Comsol Multiphysics, and other programming languages like C/C++, Fortran, Java.
matlab teacher

Developed by MathWorks, Inc. http://www.mathworks.com
First version already in the late 70s.
Originally MATrix LABoratory but in short it is known as Matlab.
Matemathical environment for Numerical computations, Graphics, Programming.
Many powerful predefined functions with the ability to define your own.
Own object-oriented programming language.
Collaboration with C++, Java, and Fortran possible.

Over 25 plugin (toolboxes) are available for special applications, eg:
 Signal analysis,
 Image analysis,
 Symbolic mathematics,
 Financial mathematics,
 Parallel computing,
 Run under UNIX/Linux, Windows or Macintosh.

Application areas:

Wherever there are computational problems
Education: mathematics (specifically linear algebra), computational science, physics, chemistry, engineering, economics, etc.
Research: lab environment to test the solution methods, study, analyze problems, perform calculations and visualize the results.
Industry: used in the same manner as in research, for example on development departments in biotechnology, electronics, automotive, etc.

MATLAB environment:

The development environment (MATLAB desktop) has a plurality of windows, Command window, Current folder, Workspace, and Command History.

matlab layout
Matlab Window Layout

MATLAB is usually controlled from the command window (Command Window), but also from the menus.
Commands are given by »-prompter and executed when the return key is pressed.
Exit Matlab:
In the command window, you can work interactively as an advanced calculator.
Matlab works as a Calculator.

List of Some Good and Cheap MATLAB Books

Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists (6th Ed) - Click Here.

MATLAB For Dummies (2nd Ed)- Click Here.

MATLAB: An Introduction with Applications (5th Edition) - Click Here.

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