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Lauren Smith, the manager of Bristol City Women, claims she was instructed to observe the men's squad from 'in the kitchen.'

Lauren Smith was in attendance with her players at Ashton Gate to watch the Robins' 3-2 defeat and posted afterwards on Twitter about a comment made to her; the incident comes less than a week after the euphoria of England winning the Women's European Championship.

Smith commented on Twitter about a remark made to her when she and her players watched the Robins' 3-2 loss at Ashton Gate.

"Supporting @BristolCity with the team today, and was told women shouldn't be at the football but in the kitchen," she wrote.

The event occurred less than a week after England's triumphant victory over Germany in the Women's European Championship final at a sold-out Wembley, and Smith vowed she and her squad would do their part to disprove the male spectator.

"So a message to that guy, we welcome you anytime at the Robins HPC (High Performance Centre, the home ground of the women's team) to prove you very very wrong!" she added.

The men's squad at City responded by sharing Smith's article and saying, "We totally condemn such harassment." At Ashton Gate, this behavior is abhorrent and will not be permitted " We are ecstatic about our women's team and wholeheartedly support Lauren Smith."

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